Who can become a member?

In addition to the founding members, those lawyers with recognised professional experience in Competition Law may become effective members that identify themselves with the objectives of the Association and that, pursuant to the bylaws, are admitted as members.

How are new members admitted?

Lawyers that intend to become effective members shall submit to the Board of Directors a request asking for their admission. The Board of Directors shall then ask an opinion from the Advisory Council and communicate the decision to the candidate.

What are the rights of the members?

A distinction is made between honorary and effective members. Effective members have the right to participate in all initiatives of the Association, be a candidate for election to any of the association bodies, participate and vote in the General Assembly meetings, ask the association bodies any information or clarifications regarding the activity and management of the Association, benefit from the services of the latter, propose a convocation of the General Assembly to the Board of Directors and to present bylaws amendment projects.

The honorary members enjoy the same rights as the effective members with the exception of the right to vote in the General Assembly, and they cannot be elected to exercise functions in the association bodies. Currently there are no honorary members.

What are the duties of the members?

The effective members must contribute to meeting the objectives of the Association, comply with the bylaws, the regulations and the decisions of the association bodies, carry out in a zealous and loyal manner the functions for which they are elected, carry out the tasks attributed to them, participate in activities organized by the Association, promptly pay the membership fees when they become due, and participate in the meetings of the General Assembly. The honorary members are not bound to pay the registration fee and membership fees.

How about the duration and incompatibility of mandates?

The mandates last for two calendar years. No law firm may have more than one element in the same association body. A law firm that is represented in the Board of Directors may not be represented in the Fiscal Council.  The members of the Board of Directors may not be re-elected for the following mandate. The Advisory Council may be re-elected, for the following mandate, for half of its members, excluding the respective Table.


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